Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ToyBox by Olan Ventura.

This posting isn't about toys or action figures. Instead I'll lead you to a really cool art exhibit which I went to see last week. It was by chance that I read about this exhibit in a local newspapers and I went there on the last day of the exhibit. Located in an older part of the city, this exhibit in a bungalow is way too cool to be ignored. You can get more information from http://www.taksu.com/

ToyBox is a solo exhibit by this Filipino artist, Olan Ventura. Words just cannot describe the paintings. I am no expert in paintings but those on shown are really surreal as they are huge. All the paintings are at least 6 X 5 feet in size. And they are not cheap. On average, each costs around 30-35K in local currency (and that is like 10K USD). Oh yeah, there were buyers.

An eye-opening exhibit into the frail tortured states of our beloved superheroes in action figures mode. My favourite? Superman.