Sunday, June 21, 2009

Naked bodies (12-inch Hot Toys)

Part of my Spawn collection.

Lola & Vanity from Gunn Industries (12-inch Triad Toys)

Vanity (12-inch Triad Toys)

Vanity. Another hotness from G4H. If you do not know G4H, you do not know your military.

No joke. G4H is the forefront of military contracts. With their deadly and sexy assasins who kills, spies and do whatever to reduce enemies/competitors to pulp. After Lola, we have Vanity.

Sorry the photos aren't really top-class because I don't have a dark background and the camera was hand-held. Vanity looks good. I like her especially with the fly-glasses on. Just like Trinity from Matrix.

All hail Vanity.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mandarin Spawns - The Gathering

Spawn - Mandarin Spawn - The Scarlet Edge (12-inch McFarlane)

This has to be the greatest Mandarin Spawn ever. I am rather cautious when we talk about 12-inch McFarlane figures. We have the great Wings Of Redemption. We also have a few duds. This Mandarin Spawn is way up there along the best of 6-inch and 12-inch McFarlane figure.

Everything is perfect. Yes, perfect. Just look at the design. Look at the paintjob. And of course, look at the details. Nothing can beat this Mofo. That I can tell you.

This figure is huge. Not exactly 12-inch. It probably hits 20-21 inches at the tip of the shoulder horn. Huge. Trying to figure out where to display this awesomeness. This is one sick figure. Gotta give props to the people involved in it. I really like the colour scheme. Blue with shades of orange. There is even an interchangable head. This Mandarin Spawn comes with devastating swords.

Damnit man, you'll piss blood when you meet this character in person. This has to be the most pic-heavy entry in this site. Words cannot describe The Scarlet Edge. You need to see it.

Mandarin Spawn is IT. Award-winning figure. One of the greatest ever. A personal favourite. F***ing awesome.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Spawn - Mandarin Spawn (repaint) - Series 14 (6-inch McFarlane)

Of the many Spawns, I always have a special fascination with Mandarin Spawn and Wings Of Redemption. Yes, there are many Spawns with cape but Mandarin Spawn? The detailed artwork is close to perfection. Really detailed.

This is the repaint of the Mandarin Spawn: The Scarlet Edge from way back 1999. I have the original version which is more towards red/orange but this one is just way ahead. The blue and black combination is just so bloody cool. My favourite Mandarin Spawn in 6-inch category.

Spawn - Gunslinger - Series 27 (6-inch McFarlane)

Initially I did not like this figure, mainly due to the top hat. I never liked that top hat (or cowboy hat). Not even Slash's hat. However, over the time I begin to feel a liking for this rogue cowboy. Now, I like him. In fact, I think this Gunslinger is pretty cool.