Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spawn & Ashley Wood.

I am not sure you noticed but the last three (3) postings of mine share similar characteristics. Look carefully.

Did you notice the art, sculpt and paint of these 3 briliant McFarlane figures? There are certain characteristics which I as a non-arty person would say looks like oil paint and also "wooden" but expressive designs. WTF am I talking?

Seriously I just don't know how to explain my observation and then I searched the internet and if I'm not mistaken all 3 figures were work of this dude called Ashley Wood who happened to also did the 3 covers the figures were based on. Get it? Spawn and this cool dude, Ashley Wood.

Spawn - Sam & Twitch - Sam & Twitch Issue 22 Cover Art - Series 25 (6-inch McFarlane)

Sam and Twitch. For all you non-believers of Spawn, you will NEVER KNOW this dynamic duo. They provide the intellectual and humour in Spawn's comicdom. To cap it all, they have their own figures and this is so freaking difficult to find that the one I own is a loose figure which I bought for a very cheap price. Starky and Hutch? Nah. I prefer Sam and Twitch. By the way, Sam's the big one and Twitch's the skinny fellow.

Spawn - Hellspawn Issue 1 Cover Art - Series 24 (6-inch McFarlane)

If you thought Hellspawn Issue 5 Cover Art is amazing, then you'll love this one. I got this complete figure sometime back and it is a very nice piece of art. Again, Spawn (aka Hellspawn) is carrying a mega-gun with a stare-down on whoever the enemies are. Brutal as f***. I love it when Spawn is angry and he's like going to blow your balls off. Oh yeah, we have the cape here since it is a complete figure. Nice.

And the cover that inspired it.

Spawn - Hellspawn Issue 5 Cover Art - Series 25 (6-inch McFarlane)

I had this figure (minus the cape) from way back. Then I found this dude selling it and without a second thought, I bought this from it. A complete set with the cape intact. This figure is just awesome. Just look at that mega-gun and the imposing look. Hellspawn is f***ing hardcore here. The huge cape gives it an air of mystery.

Spawn - Spawn vs. Urizen (Deluxe Box Set) - Series 28 Regenerated (McFarlane)

This is really cool. A diorama of sort showcasing the battle between Spawn and the mighty (and evil) Urizen. Damn, this is sure nice to look at, especially the bright green necroplasm (or power-ray or whatever). My only concernt is I couldn't display it in any of the display cabinet at home as it is quite big and I'm more or less out of space. Probably it is about time to get a larger display cabinet for this diorama. Not to mention the four (4) 18-inch figures I have.

Spawn - Issue 109 Cover Art - Series 24 (6-inch McFarlane)

It is amazing how McFarlane Toys manages to bring 2-D comics cover art and turns them into unbelievable 3-D toys/figures/art. Words just cannot describe this figure. I'm not going to say anything else, except to ask you to view and struck by the "awesomeness" of it.

Spawn - Redeemer - Spawn Reborn (6-inch McFarlane)

I had my first Redeemer way back then. Check it out.

And then I saw Spawn Reborn's version of the Redeemer and I knew right away, I have to have it. Been laying around for a long time now, so I'm unveiling it right away. It sure looks like a lightsaber. Neat. Obviously, it looks great with lights off. By the way, Redeemer is the Heaven's version of Spawn. You dig?