Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009: A Necessary Evil

Well, 2009 started with sort of a bang in my toys-world with a clearance sale at a local toys store. What was in store (no pun) was quite a mayhem with people running snapping whatever were put on "clearance sale" not withstanding the actual pricetag. That's what I called a "mob purchase" mentality. Anyway, the first thing that caught my eyes was a 12-inch McFarlane Commando Spawn. I was walking quite fast towards the figure (in a civillised manner) when one dude just basically ran past me (in an un-civillised manner) and grabbed that figure. Damn. In the end, I bought 2 Sideshow 12-inch, Darth Maul and Darth Vader Anakin. Decent but not spectacular price. Those were my first 2 purchases of the year.

Guess what? By luck, one of the best toys shop in town re-stocked Hot Toys Batman (TDK version). I called up yesterday and today I went to collect the few remaining stock. Gosh, it was a great feeling. Getting it for a supercool price. Will be posting up the photos soon. Well, may not be so soon because I just realised that I have quite a number of "old" toys which I have yet to stock-take. Damn those Optimus Primes. Queue up, queue up. Soon, maybe.

Oh yeah, almost forgotten. This year I'm going to control, ahem my purchase.

1 12-inch = 2 6-inch

Maximum of 6 12-inch. or 12 6-inch. Work the formula. Confusing? Better be. With 3 12-inch purchased, I can only get 3 more 12-inch or 6 more 6-inch. Very confused now? Should be.

2009 is going to be a pretty dark year. Darth Maul, Darth Vader Anakin and Dark Knight. It's all pretty dark, ain't it?