Monday, February 23, 2009

A necessary evil.

Batman - The Dark Knight costume (12-inch Hot Toys)

This is the new-improved costume introduced in The Dark Knight. I really like the new protective layers and also the fact that the head can actually turn now with the incredible engineering put into this costume.

In fact, the headsculpt of both Christian Bale and Batman looks so real-life. Accessories are similar to the first version, although there are changes made to the belt. The TDK version has double-blades on each arms while the original costume only has single-blades.

Downside, there are two. It could be just me but I felt that my figure there is something weird with the left arm. Not sure why, maybe the joints are little loose. You would not noticed it until you try to put the figure into some bad-ass pose. Still, a small matter. Secondly, the cape is too short. What happened to the cape of the first version? That was awesome. This version's cape is just was too short.

Batman's cape should freaking cover his feet. Not with this one. Anyway, I'm not going to complain too much. The bat is watching.

Batman - Original Costume (12-inch Hot Toys)

This Batman has been with me for quite sometime now but did not really take a look at you closely until a few days back.

This is the Batman Begins costume. Nothing really awesome on the costume. Plain costume with no fancy designs. Not fancy but effective. Somehow I like this costume.

The Christian Bale's head is spot-on. Nice. Not so much articulation due to the heavy rubber costume but pretty good indeed. Accessories are quite plenty. I really like the cape. I am a cape-man. See Spawn. See Batman. It is huge enough to cover Batman as if like a bat (no pun intended).

The many faces of The Joker.

Heath Ledger won the Best Supporting Actor role at the Oscars today. He was that good. RIP.

Right after the win, Hot Toys announced that it will be releasing the Joker, Policer Officer version with a clean face. Damn, the scars look awesome. Still, where is the nurse version? Probably not going to be released. Would need to kitbash it one day.

The many faces of The Joker. Teaser poster of the Police Officer at the bottom.

Joker - Bank Robber (12-inch Hot Toys)

This is the ultimate Joker headsculpt. No doubt about it, it is spot-on. Apparently the 1st Joker's headsculpt was slightly "out" because the headsculpt was completed before The Dark Knight came out. Now, it is all pretty awesome. By the way, I really love the mask. In fact, I prefer to have the mask on. More sinister looking.

This Joker has class. Now, let's enjoy the pain.