Sunday, September 28, 2008

Metallica - Master Of Puppets (McFarlane - Pop Culture Masterworks)

Metallica's Master Of Puppets is one of my favourite albums of all-time. It is heavy as bricks. It is fast. It is furious. And it is brutal. Simply outstanding the album. I have to say that I am very happy that that found this interpretation of the album cover at a flea market. Yes, I found this gem at a flea market. McFarlane has top itself again with this outrageously realistic-looking piece of art. This is a 3-D version of a 2-D album cover. Awesome.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Joker (12-inch Hot Toys)

Ladies and gentle-man, this is it. The late's Heath Ledger's take on Joker has to be one of the most brilliant performance ever to grace the big screens. And I am not joking (no pun intended). In terms of comic characters coming to life, this Joker is the greatest of all time. Hopefully it does get nominated for the Oscars.

So, did the Hot Toys Joker figure live up to the lofty expectations of the fandom? My answer is a resounding yes! This figure is way awesome. In fact, given the 12-inch that I have (not my tool, ladies), this is the best 12-inch on the shelves right now at home. OK, I don't own many 1/6 figures, but this surely sits on the top of the pile. The cream of the crop.

I really like the face scuplt and paint. Some said it doesn't look like Heath Ledger, but who cares. The powdered and scarred face looks bloody real to me. Not to mention the clothings. Dude has 3 layers of clothing. Real kind of Hot Toys. As for the accessories, they are nothing to shout about but the Joker itself is a must-have for any comics fans. For any Dark Knight fans. In fact, for any 12-inch fans (again, not my tool, ladies).

If there is only one 1/6 figure you need to purchase this year, this is it. Well, until the Bank Robber Version comes out anyway. We'll see then. I sure hope Hot Toys come up with the Nurse Version. That will make my wet dreams all come true.

Haha Hehe Hoho...

Spawn - Mandarin Spawn - Series 14 (6-inch McFarlane)

As mentioned in my earlier post, Mandarin Spawn is probably McFarlane's Toys star attraction. Superbly designed with incredible paintjob, this is every figurine collectors' wet dreams. Seems to me that every versions of Mandarin Spawn is a killer! You can't match McFarlane when it comes to those tiny detailed. It is almost life-like. Simply amazing.

Also refer to the awesome Mandarin Spawn 2 from Series 28.


I bought a rather cool lightsaber many years ago. Why is it cool? Because you can change the colour from Sith's red to Jedi's blue. It even had an effect sound when it hits things. I took these photos many years ago and I decided might as well show it to the rest. Some call this art. Some call this crap. I call it my lightsaber.