Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bruce Lee - Way Of The Dragon (12-inch Enterbay)

Probably the greatest and most mind-blowing piece-of-art/action-figure/toy I'll ever own. Words cannot describe the "awesomeness" of this Enterbay product. I don't think calling it a toy would do justice. It is almost like Bruce Lee is back. So damn freaking real. The freckles. The scar. The eyes. It is almost real-life that it is scary. Bruce Lee, lives on!

Spawn - Mandarin Spawn 2 - Series 28 (6-inch McFarlane)

Without a doubt, the most beautiful paintjob ever from McFarlane. Almost lifelike, this figure. The colours and the paint are just incredible. Very detailed artwork and creatively applied. So fine, so fine.