Friday, April 10, 2009

Navy Seal CQB (12-inch Very Hot)

I first saw Soldier Story CIA SAD Night Ops figure last year and I was like "woah!". I'm not one into military figures and there is no way I will be attracted to military figures. The fatigues and uniforms are just not cool enough. But this CIA SAD Night Ops is mind-blowingly awesome. Must be the all-black uniform and totally cool skull-balaclava. These dudes are so secretive that they are basically the Black Ops with no indication on their uniforms and bodies of where they are from.

I tried looking for it but they were all sold-out and those available are going at ridiculously inflated prices. But I found something that looks like it, produced by a company from China. Very Hot. Cheesy name but cheap. Not exactly CIA SAD Night Ops in terms of quality but decent. They called it Navy Seal CQB (Close Quarter Battle).

I got myself a BBI body with a Bruce Willis' head (John McClane). Decked him out and he's ready for the kill. Must be the all-black uniform and freakingly scary skull-balaclava.