Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kerberos Todome - Red Spectacles 20th Anniversary (12-inch Medicom Real Aaction Heroes)

This is one of those figures where it hits you right between the eyes the moment you see it. I have no idea about this character. I don't even know that it is Japanese-inspired. All I knew that this dude looks really cool and menacing. With the gask mask and the steely red eyes, nothing can touches this dude.

This dude is a member of the Kerberos, soldiers in "Protect Gear" (German military style armour suits). It is something like an elite task force. You just don't want to mess with this bunch of guys. This dude appeared in the Japanese movie, Red Spectacles.

This is the Medicom version. In fact, there is another version produced by Takara. Maybe one day I would lay my hands on that. For the time being, be silent and still. The Red Spectacles are watching.