Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wolverine - Dell'Otto (10-inch Attakus, 206/999)

Attakus Wolverine Dell'Otto is God.

I've never said this before. But all hail Attakus and Logan.

Logan is God. 'Nuff said.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wolverine - Brown version (16-inch Attakus, 543/2222)

Attakus. This French company does come up with really cool statues. Market awareness of this company is probably quite low due to licensing issues (where products can be sold, etc). Attakus can only sell their products in only France. Yes, only France. By the way, the statue is made in France. This is no China-made stuff.

No fancy packaging here. It comes with a white box that basically does not excite anybody. Wait until you open up the box.

This Brown Wolverine is totally awesome. It is 16-inch in height and super heavy. This is a pure comic-to-statue version of Wolverine. No facy shades and stuff. Pure plain colour. Cool pose.

Really liked the tone of Logan's body. Some people would point out at the size of Logan's "tool". Well, Logan sure is well-stuffed. An all-round winner here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This one for the ladies.

What are you thinking? I'm referring to the cool belt. Or maybe the sharp claws. Or maybe something else.

Logan has arrived.

In fact, 2 Logans have arrived.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Buster Optimus Prime - Movie Leader (Takara-Tomy)

This is old news but I didn't really take a close look at it until a few days back. This is by far the most superior Optimus Prime ever. I am not comparing vis-a-vis with MP-1 but from the movie line, this is the best and most complex.

Totally confusing "transformation sequence" which left my Prime in its robot mode. I am not going to transform it into the vehicle mode, for fear of not being able to transform it back to robot mode.

The ion blaster is awesome. Huge and deadly. And Prime is all chromed-up.

My only complaint. The mouthpiece. Apart from that, this is one bad-ass robot.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Skids & Mudflap (Hasbro)

I like these 2 Autobots. Just like Barricade from the first Transformers movie, these are one of the few stand-out characters from the pretty dire sequel. Skids and Mudflap both had been condemned for being racists and all. WTF? Why can people take the humour and the diversity?

And what's up with the censorship? Suck my popsicle. These twins are awesome because of their busted-open faces and they transformed and combined into an old-skool ice-cream truck. Skids the front and Mudflap at the back.

I find these 2 Autobots to be pretty neat. And I think mine is pretty unique too in the sense that the Autobot insignia is missing from the front of the ice-cream truck (refer to last photo). Not to mention the totally amusing upside-down Autobot insignia on the back of the truck. And what is wrong with "suck my popsicle"?