Monday, October 26, 2009

Batman - Bruce Timm (DC Direct Black&White)

This is the statue inspired by the Batman animated series. I like the pose because there is so much agility in it. I don't know who Bruce Timm is but he is pretty awesome.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Batman - Simon Bisley (DC Direct Black&White 2041/5000)

There are many great comic-men around. McFarlane, Moore, Wood, Gaiman, Capullo and etc. Then, there is Simon Bisley.

Bisley's art is a love-hate thing. You either consider him as a demi-God, or he has his arse up his nose. For me, Bisley is pretty awesome. Just look at Lobo and Heavy Metal. Your jaw would dropped as you said "holy shite".

This is not Bisley's Batman. It is an interpretation of Bisley's Batman. Whatever that means. Probably Bisley doesn't want to get all commercialised with DC after doing the Black & White series. This is one really hardcore interpretation of Batman. Just look at the inhuman muscles, the rough-pointy edges of the statue. This is one really pumped-up Batman.

Simon Bisley is a demi-God.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Batman - Frank Miller (DC Direct Black&White 731/5700)

Frank Miller the comic-man is awesome. Frank Miller the director is crap.

This is pure Frank Miller. Nothing spectacular but enough nuts and bolts to shut your mouth. I really like the texture of the costume. Nice.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Batman - Infinite Crisis (6-inch DC Direct)

The best of the lot. There is no doubt about it. This is a very brutalised Batman. He's hurt. He's injured. And he is pissed. Big time. In short, this is a battle-damaged Batman and there ain't many out there.

I used the Dark Victory cardboard diorama and it looked pretty awesome. You just don't wanna mess with a pissed-off Batman.

Batman - Identity Crisis (6-inch DC Direct)

I really like the facial expression of this Batman. He seemed angry, yet clueless. Nice cape and long pointy-ears. Or whatever you call that.

Batman - Dark Victory (6-inch DC Direct)

I call this the Homer Simpson Batman. But he is unique and that is pretty cool when he has the Bat-a-rang or whatever you call that. This figure came with a cardboard diorama. Damn, just look at the abs.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spawn Is King.

Spawn - Issue #7 Cover Art - Series 26 (12-inch McFarlane)

This one stands up there as one of the best Spawn figure ever. Doesn't matter it is the 6-inch or 12-inch category. This figure just kicks serious backsides. Totally dominating. Authority with ammo all loaded.

What else can you ask?

McFarlane should look back at this figure and do their best reclaim their crown as the best there is in toyland because these days Mcfarlane is leaving Spawn in ruts.