Saturday, April 25, 2009

No f***ing way.

As clear as day, there is no f***ing way I can make it to this cool event.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Men in skull-balaclava.

You just don't want to mess with men in skull-balaclava. Imagine them guys coming right at you in their skull-balaclavas in the dead of the night. You'll piss in your pants, boy.

CIA SAD Night Ops (12-inch Soldier Story)

This is the mother of all mofos. The original pimp decked in all-black and with a intimidating skull-balaclava. I finally got this for a very decent price a few months back. This is the kill.

Compared to Navy Seal CQB, this CIA SAD Night Ops triumphed in all areas except for the shitty boots. But nobody looks at the boots. By the way, SAD means Special Activities Division, you fools. All accessories are in its highest quality, so may say. Not only that, this dude looks as if he is ready for the kill too. Words cannot describe this Black Ops dude.

He's the man for the silent kill.

Navy Seal CQB (12-inch Very Hot)

I first saw Soldier Story CIA SAD Night Ops figure last year and I was like "woah!". I'm not one into military figures and there is no way I will be attracted to military figures. The fatigues and uniforms are just not cool enough. But this CIA SAD Night Ops is mind-blowingly awesome. Must be the all-black uniform and totally cool skull-balaclava. These dudes are so secretive that they are basically the Black Ops with no indication on their uniforms and bodies of where they are from.

I tried looking for it but they were all sold-out and those available are going at ridiculously inflated prices. But I found something that looks like it, produced by a company from China. Very Hot. Cheesy name but cheap. Not exactly CIA SAD Night Ops in terms of quality but decent. They called it Navy Seal CQB (Close Quarter Battle).

I got myself a BBI body with a Bruce Willis' head (John McClane). Decked him out and he's ready for the kill. Must be the all-black uniform and freakingly scary skull-balaclava.

Thursday, April 9, 2009