Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wolverine (12-inch Medicom Real Action Heroes)

This is one wonderful 1/6 action-figures. Medicom's series of Real Action Heroes is one really cool line of figures. Super poseable and good realistic scuplt. Here we have Wolverine aka Logan in its full comics glory. Yellow costume, those claws and the come-and-get-me expression. Great body and nice costume. I really like the claws here. And that facial expression. I only have 2 complains. One is the skin tone is rather light. Maybe that's the comics way. My second complaint has nothing to do with Medicom. In fact, there is this speck of red stain on his super yellow costume. They weren't there when I took the photos. But they are there now. Damn, must be my dirty hands. Yet, this is one beauty of a 1/6 wonder. Oh yeah, I got a good deal from a Hong Kong seller for this one.

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