Friday, August 1, 2008

Babes In Toyland.

I'm not referring to the 90's alternative band that goes by the same name. Babes and toys. This is such a killer combination. Hot babes and cool toys. I like both, hence Babes In Toyland. I am not going to extensively review the toys, action figures or whatever you call them these days. May just drop a note or two. I will just upload whatever I have. Photos are to be taken with my cheapo point-and-shoot camera (it's a Olympus). So, please bear with the amateurish pictures.

You'll noticed that most of my figures are from certain comics or cartoons.

Wolverine (thank you Biolman for introducing X-Men)
Spawn (must be the cool cape)
Transformers (the greatest cartoon ever. followed by Thundercats and M.A.S.K)

But do I really care? Nah, I have them and you don't (OK, maybe not). Just showing off. Hahaha. I love babes. And I love toys (or whatever you call them these days). Babes In Toyland. Enjoy.

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