Friday, May 21, 2010

Wolverine - Brown version (16-inch Attakus, 543/2222)

Attakus. This French company does come up with really cool statues. Market awareness of this company is probably quite low due to licensing issues (where products can be sold, etc). Attakus can only sell their products in only France. Yes, only France. By the way, the statue is made in France. This is no China-made stuff.

No fancy packaging here. It comes with a white box that basically does not excite anybody. Wait until you open up the box.

This Brown Wolverine is totally awesome. It is 16-inch in height and super heavy. This is a pure comic-to-statue version of Wolverine. No facy shades and stuff. Pure plain colour. Cool pose.

Really liked the tone of Logan's body. Some people would point out at the size of Logan's "tool". Well, Logan sure is well-stuffed. An all-round winner here.

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