Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ravage (Hasbro 1983)

This is one weird story. I basically like only 3 characters from Transformers, be it the cartoon or movies. Optimus Prime, Barricade and Ravage. I'm going to talk about Ravage now.

I had my Ravage toy, from way back. I remembered it clearly. Black panther transforming into the cassette. That was probably my first toy, together with the M.A.S.K vehicle. Anyway, for years, I knew I had it. Just can't remember where I left it.

When the Transformers fever reached its peak when the 1st movie came out a few years ago, I went back to my childhood home trying to find the toy. To no avail. Drawers, boxes, cabinets. Damn, the whole house was turned upside down. Probably I threw it away. I remember I lost the cassette box.

A few weeks back, when I went back to my childhood home again, I accidently found it. Yeah, for so many freaking years. Freaking f***ing years. I found it. And I didn't even go looking for it. It was somehow wrapped in some plastic bag and was found sandwiched by some old magazines. Thanks to my metal/rock magazines.

This is the Hasbro 1983 release of Ravage. Not it its best condition. But still a beast to be reckoned with.