Friday, July 24, 2009

Optimus Prime - Custom Repaint Desert Battle-Damaged (Hasbro - Movie Leader)

This is a custom-repainted Optimus Prime. I never liked a clean shiny Prime. Just don't do justice to a punk-rock of a leader robot. Prime needs to be in battle. In fact, Prime needs to be so hardcore that Mama Prime does not even recognise Optimus Prime. That is why I've sold all my clean Primes (for a profit) except for the legendary Masterpiece.

Anyway, this Prime is so busted-open that Mama Prime has trouble recognising him. This battle-damaged Prime is so brutal from the desert battle war and he is ugly, dirty and pretty much pissed-off. I like. Didn't even bother to transform Prime. Because getting busted-open in robot form is way cooler than being a beat-up truck.

Battle-damaged Prime rules!