Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rambo, John - Rambo 3 (12-inch Hot Toys)

This is my first ever Hot Toys product. There is Enterbay. There is Medicom. And there is Hot Toys. I am slowly upgrading my collection to 1/6. As such, I learned that Hot Toys beat Medicom hands down. Enterbay is awesome but ridiculously expensive and a lack of variety. Hot Toys sits nicely between price, quality and variety.

I would always remember John J. Rambo. Back in the early 80's when my dad was still mulling whether to purchase a VHS, he and I both went to another friend's house to view the recently-purchased VHS. The movie played then was First Blood, the first installment of Rambo. I was so freaking young then and I can't recall much of what I saw. But I vividly remember the scene where Rambo jumped off the cliff into the river when cornered by those coppers.

I hold Rambo to be the ultimate killing machine. The ultimate survivor. Even when Terminator came on, there is no doubt that Sly would easily kicked Arnie's backside. Therefore, before the Jokers arrived, I've got my Rambo. Rambo 3.

This is a Hot Toys muscular body. Not much articulation on the upper body and the body itself feels like rubber. Rubber with detailed sculpt. The face is Sly alright. It is the accessories that really make this figure awesome. You have the knifes, the arrows, the bows and the gun. Neat. Unfortunately for me, I somehow managed to break 2 things. One is the knife cover (can be glued back) and the other is the part of the bow that holds the arrows (looking for a replacement on eBay now).

This is a beast. With the accessories, it looks like a full-fledged assault machine. Or shall I put it, killing machine. John J. Rambo rules.


Shaun said...

cool angles in your pix. :)

Korndamned said...

thanks mate. rambo rules!