Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pointman - Futura UNKLE 77 (1/6 Medicom RAH)

You don't know your dance music if you do not know UNKLE. The DJ-supergroup formed by DJ Shadow and James Lavelle. UNKLE commissioned legendary graffiti artist, Futura 2000 to create imagery for UNKLE debut album. There came Pointman.

This figure is familiar to most due to the ridiculous amount of copycats out there. But in truth, nobody knows shite about the Pointman. Except for fans of UNKLE.

I am not too sure about this but I think this is the only few times where Medicom is just a distributor for a Real Action Heroes figure as this figure was created at SID and MWA.

This figure was designed by Ben Drury and his mates. Sculpted and realised by Neil Holdom. The most awesome part of this figure is the camo fabric. It is as real as it can get. The camo fabric is designed by Ben Drury.

Even Pointman has a Big Baby, if you know what I mean. Oh yeah, there are 3 versions. Green, blue and even the super-rare pink camo fabric. For me, green camo is good enough. Good stuff.

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Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

the head looks scary and awesome at the same time.

dude, u always have killer medicom figures. nice.