Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Broken ankle.

There have been enquiries from my mates on what happened to me. Well......

I recently broke my right ankle. Freak fall during a round of paintball game. Multiple fractures. "Unforseen circumstances". That is why there are very few updates and many items waiting on the queue.

Two surgeries and a total of 8 screws and 1 plate. I realised that I have ridiculously high pain threshold. Been there, done that. Things are looking good......

Dec 13th, 2009. Probably I fell when my right leg got stuck in a ditch and my body turned one way, and the right foot turning the opposite way. And I remembered my ankle then looked exactly like Felipe's. Felipe is a fullback for Brazil's national football them who broke his ankle recently.

Dec 13th, 2009. Right after the freak fall (around noon). The officer-in-charge re-positioned my ankle back to its rightful location.

Dec 13th, 2009. Initially went to a clinic, thinking it was a bad-ass sprain. Doctor at clinic looked shocked and asked me to go for a X-ray. I am hardcore. Can you see the fractures?

Dec 15th, 2009. Surgery was conducted around 9pm, Dec 13th.

Dec 18th, 2010. First-look after surgery.

Dec 20th, 2009. Right before discharge.

Jan 5th, 2010. Back-slab off. Bandages off.

Jan 21st, 2010. Looking good, eh?

January 25th, 2010. I am Iron Man.

Feb 1st, 2010. Walk with both feet. Partial-weight bearing. 2 crutches.

Feb 8th, 2010. Walk with both feet. Partial-weight bearing. 1 crutch.


Little Plastic Man said...

Oh my...hope you are well.

Little Plastic Man said...
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Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

hope u're getting well, dude.
take some rest and enjoy the days.
best of lucks.


desmond said...

Hope you get well soon...

Korndamned said...

Getting better each day. Thank you.