Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spawn - i2.12 (20-inch MonToy 18/40)

This is totally awesome. Inspired by issue 2 (page 12) of the Spawn comics, this is a massive statue with Spawn standing atop a cross while the red cape flows majestically.

The star attraction is the cape. Spawn's cape is alive and this statue did just that. Just look at the various layers. The way Spawn perched atop the cross, especially how he stands with the cape wrapping him protectively. This is awesome beyond words.

The art that inspired the statue. Spawn i2.12.


The Rebel said...

Spawn in the best!! Well, up till McFarlane decided to give the pencilling duties to some other penciller that is!! heheh...

I still have my Spawn #1 somewhere in my comic still has that '93 smell I reckon....LOL!

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

Demn, the reddish cape does look killer.

p/s : Thanks for adding my site, dude.


Korndamned said...

A Spawn comment I must reply. I'm a Spawn fan. An all-out Spawn fan. But the comics "jumped the sharks" during issue 50+ (can't recall the exact issue). Issue 50-something. When Spawn revealed himself to Terry and both shook hands and became buddies. For me that is way-off. Spawn should be like behind the shadows, not being pal with Terry and shook his hands.

And I still reckon the Spawn movie from 97 or 98 to be quite good. haha

Anonymous said...

Spawn.. the greatest action figure of all..