Sunday, October 11, 2009

Batman - Simon Bisley (DC Direct Black&White 2041/5000)

There are many great comic-men around. McFarlane, Moore, Wood, Gaiman, Capullo and etc. Then, there is Simon Bisley.

Bisley's art is a love-hate thing. You either consider him as a demi-God, or he has his arse up his nose. For me, Bisley is pretty awesome. Just look at Lobo and Heavy Metal. Your jaw would dropped as you said "holy shite".

This is not Bisley's Batman. It is an interpretation of Bisley's Batman. Whatever that means. Probably Bisley doesn't want to get all commercialised with DC after doing the Black & White series. This is one really hardcore interpretation of Batman. Just look at the inhuman muscles, the rough-pointy edges of the statue. This is one really pumped-up Batman.

Simon Bisley is a demi-God.