Monday, November 24, 2008

Barricade (Hasbro - Deluxe Version & Takara Premium Series)

I have had these 2 Barricades for sometime now. But never really thought of updating my world of toys with them until today. So, let's get punished and enslaved.

Why Barricade is cool? It is a copper's car. Not only that, black is beautiful. And as McLovin' would have said, black is McNasty.

Barricade is evil. What I'm going to do now is to dissect both the Barricade, one from Hasbro (Deluxe Class) and one from Takara (Premium Series). I prefer the Takara version for a few reasons, it looks cooler. By the way, Frenzy are included in both. Yes, that Frenzy.

So, what is the difference between the Hasbro's version and the Takara version.

1. From top, you'll notice that Premium Series has "fogged-up" mirrors. Hasbro is see-through.
2. Takara's air-vents are visible with different shades of grey, Hasbro is all-black.
3. Takara's "Police" wordings are shiny, Hasbro is plain white.
4. Takara's has 9-1-1 and 643 painted at the side and back, Hasbro does not.
5. Takara's has a few red linings here and there, Hasbro does not.
6. Takara's exhausts are visible, Hasbro does not.
7. Takara's has "DCPTCN" painted at the back, Hasbro does not.

Barricade is one evil vehicle.

Barricade (Hasbro Deluxe Class)

Barricade (Takara Premium Series)