Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bumblebees alert!

Three (3) butt-kicking Bumblebees. So, what are the difference between the Takara-Tomy version and the Hasbro version? I'm not touching on the battle-damaged effect here. There are basically 5 minor differences.

1. Takara-Tomy painted the door handles. Hasbro doesn't.
2. Takara-Tomy painted the fuel tank cover. Hasbro doesn't.
3. Takara-Tomy painted the windshield wipers. Hasbro doesn't.
4. Takara-Tomy version has a number plate at the back of the vehicle. Hasbro doesn't.
5. Takara-Tomy version feels slightly-rough when touched. Hasbro is sleek smooth. I prefer the rougher version.

Still, it doesn't matter, does it?